MENTU RA is an Ntoro (God) of War. He is also an instructor of the Per Aa (Pharoah), and enforcer of morality in family relationships. As such, Mentu Ra is a teacher to the young Afurakani (African~Black) male who will grow up to become obarima, man, and sovereign of himself, his function in Creation, his morality, and his domain. There were many Per Aa whom were named after Mentu, taking the names Mentu Hetep (Montuhetep), in ancient Kamit (Ancient Black Civilization of Egypt).

The Great Black Per Aa:
Neb Hetep Ra Mentu Hetep
(Mentu Hetep II---11th Dynasty: 4,000 years ago)

The name and function of Mentu Ra was corrupted by the whites and their offspring into "mentor" (mentura) and given a perverse meaning and false etymology which has no basis in Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) culture and thus no basis in Reality.

Osansa, Akan name of the 'hawk', is the fierce warrior who attacks his enemies with the greatest force and power. He is relentless in his pursuit. This force connected with Mentu Ra is felt through the explosive power of adrenalin in connection with the heart and spirit to fight and annihilate disorder and its purveyors. Mentu Ra is the Patron Ntoro, the Agyabosom, of OBARIMA.