Fekuw (fey-koo') is an Akan term which means an association, group, company, fellowship.

A fekuw can be based on age such as those based on manhood and womanhood training. A fekuw can also be formed around a certain activity or set of activities.

The inculcation of NANASOM, Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion in its authentic expression, is our obligation as Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) people. The ritual incorporation of Divine Law/Love and the ritual restoration of Divine Balance through Divine Hate, the expansive and contractive poles of Nanasom, is written into our Okra/Okraa (Soul/Divine Consciousness) pre-incarnation. Our Ancestral Amammere (culture) is animated by this reality. It is therefore incumbent upon us as Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) to have a thorough understanding and grounding in Nanasom for it is that which is inborn, innate and Ancestrally inherited transcarnationally, meaning through bebra or successive incarnations.

Proper understanding of Nanasom affords us the ability to constantly and consistently align and realign our thoughts, intentions and actions with Nyamewaa-Nyame Nhyehyee - The Supreme Being's Order - Divine Order, from moment to moment, day to day, month to month, year to year, lifetime to Ancestral life to lifetime. The harmonious development, sustenance and defense of our people is thus rooted in our practice of Nanasom. This is why authenticity is crucial and proper understanding is foundational. Moreover, it is key to our self-preservation rooted in the proper identification and eradication of our enemies, the whites and their offspring, their culture and their false-religions.

As stated on our NANASOM page:

"...All Black People--and only Black People--wherever we exist in the world are Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) and share in these linguistic and cultural roots. Authentic religious expressions of Khanit and Kamit are therefore manifest only through our varied Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) ethnicities including, but not limited to: Akan, Yoruba, Ewe, Fon, Igbo, Bakongo, Bambara, Dogon, Goromantche, Nguni, Sotho, Khoikhoi, San, Dinka, Gikuyu, Lemba, Temne, Bassa, Fula, Fang, Mande, Azande, Afar, Oromo, Batswana, Ovambo, Ovimbundu, Maasai, Chokwe, Wolof, Twa, Lobi, Ibibio, Edo, Krobo, Guan, Ga, Tamil (Black India), Xi (Olmec - Ancient america) and all others.

We can therefore speak of Nanasom in its varied expressions: Akanfo Nanasom, Yoruba Nanasom, Ewe Nanasom, Fon Nanasom, Dogon Nanasom, Kongo Nanasom, Fula Nanasom, Fang Nanasom, Lozi Nanasom, Nguni Nanasom, Ndebele Nanasom, Maasai Nanasom, Oromo Nanasom, etc. Expressions of Nanasom also exist in North, Central and South Amaruka (america) and the Caribbean including the various forms of Hoodoo, Voodoo, Juju and more practiced by Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) in the South, Southeastern, Eastern and Northeastern united states which empowered us to bring an end to the Mmusuo Kesee (Great perversity/enslavement era)..."

"...Nanasom is a spiri-genetic inheritance incarnate within the kra ne mogya, the soul and blood, of all Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans). It therefore naturally reveals itself via our thoughts, behavior and culture everywhere we have migrated to and/or settled on Asaase Afua (The Earth Mother)..."


Our capacity to embrace and function within the fullness of our transcarnational inheritance depends upon our clear understanding of the nature of that inheritance. We therefore form Nanasom Fekuw, groups rooted in the study of Nanasom and its ritual mechanisms. No matter what expression of Nanasom one is incarnate of (Akan, Yoruba, Ewe, Igbo, etc.) the foundation is the same. We thus have a curriculum which secures that foundation. Once that foundation is secure, individuals can embrace their specific expression of Nanasom and restore its authenticity through eradication of foreign/white influences, pseudo and corrupt philosophies, etc. and reclaiming the Ancestral essence of ritual practice and cosmological knowledge.

The establishment of a Nanasom Fekuw is based upon our curriculum of study which speaks to the unfolding of Abode (Creation) and our place in Creation in relation to Nyamewaa-Nyame, the Abosom and Nananom Nsamanfo - The Mother-Father Supreme Being, the Deities and Spiritually Cultivated Ancestresses and Ancestors. Our various books are arranged in a step-by-step format for optimal utility, as shown below beginning with KUKUU-TUNTUM, UBEN-HYENG and UAB-ODWIRA. We also have a link to our 276 blogtalkradio broadcast archives wherein we examine our books and articles in detail for further study and clarification.

A Nanasom Fekuw is established for and attended by Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) heterosexual people only and can be open to youth and adults. A fekuw can be in-person, online or a combination of the two and can be formed with two people or more. For those who form a Nanasom Fekuw we offer the soft-cover versions of our 25 books at the wholesale rate (30% discount). We also have a special sale for our entire 25-Book set for a further discount. Those who establish and/or are a member of a Nanasom Fekuw can also sell our soft-cover books as a distributor. This is a means by which individuals can generate income for themselves and share this information with the community. See the NOKWAREFO - Distributor Information Document on our NHOMA - Publications page for details.

We have also established our ODWIRAMAN NTONTAN - Purified Nation Network. This is our private social-media network for Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) to connect from wherever we are in the world. There is a Fekuw section on our network where you can post and access study resources, learn of other Fekuw in your area and elsewhere, post information about your Fekuw, connect with others who are studying, etc.

Below are the links to order your books for your Nanasom Fekuw, the curriculum - ADESUA, the link to our ODWIRAMAN NTONTAN social media network, the links to our institution - AKONGUASUA and our NHOMA - Publications page and the video of our blogtalkradio broadcast: FEKUW - Institutional Path to Eradicate Institutionalized Oppression. We examine the nature and utility of the Fekuw in this broadcast.

We also ship to those of our people who are incarcerated. Some study our work individual while others form Ancestral Religious Study-groups while incarcerated which grounds them so that upon release there will be no recidivism. Our discounted rates include orders for those who are incarcerated whether they are part of a study-group or not. Make sure to check with the institution to see what kinds of publications can be received. Contact us with any questions.

NANASOM FEKUW - Group Discounted Rates

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Nhoma - Books

Special Blogtalkradio Listener Sale: Entire 25-Book set for $125 (shipping included):

Blogtalk Listener Sale - 25 Nhoma-Book Set: $125 (shpg incl.)


Nanasom Fekuw Curriculum

The Ancestral Jurisdiction

The Ancestral Summons

UAB-ODWIRA Pa Nsaman Atemmu
The Ancestral Judgment

The Origin of the term 'Africa'

Divine Law (Love) and Divine Hate

The Soul of Akanfo

Afurakani Manhood

Whole Life Journal

Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) in North America
Akan Custodians of Hoodoo from Ancient Hoodoo/Udunu Land (Khanit/Nubia)

Akan Abosom of the Okra/Okraa (Soul) and the 7-day Week

Etymological and Cosmological Proof that the term 'Moor' means 'Dead'

Awareness - Origin of the terms 'God', 'Negus', 'Naga', 'Ngg Wr', 'negro' (nigga does not mean 'god')

Warning - dissexuality/homosexuality was Never Accepted in Kamit

Identity and Nature of the Creator and Creatress in Akan Cosmology

Atum and Khepra

ANKH - The Origin of the Term 'Yoga' - KARA KARA - The Origin and Nature of the 'Chakra'
Actual Etymological and Cosmological Origins of the terms Yoga and Chakra in Ancient Kamit

Educational Curriculum for the Instruction of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Youth and Adults

The Ancestorhood of Nana Yao (Dr. Bobby E. Wright)

Etymology and Cosmology of Religion and Spirit - Ancestral Religion IS Spirituality

The Black Nation and Divinity

AKYISAN Nhoma - 13016
Ancestral Religious Reversion Journal - 13016

AKYISAN Nhoma - 13017
Ancestral Religious Reversion Journal - 13017

HOODOO MAYN Nhoma - 13016
Hoodoo Nation Festival Journal - 13016

HOODOO MAYN Nhoma - 13017
Hoodoo Nation Festival Journal - 13017

Purified Nation of Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) in the West Journal - 13016


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