The Ancestorhood of Nana Yao
(Dr. Bobby E. Wright)

Excerpt From the Introduction:

"...There are hundreds of adinkra symbols addressing every aspect of Akan culture. In this work we employ seven adinkra symbols and the teachings connected to them. They were chosen as seven representatives of the principles of what in Akan culture is called obra bo. Obra bo is a term often translated as "ethical existence and generativity". It describes a mode of existence wherein one endeavors to create and live a good life. For Akan people, to create and live a good life is to execute our Divine function in the world as given to us by the Supreme Being. The benefits of such endeavor are received by all in Akan civilization....The principles represented by the seven adinkra symbols will be compared to the ideas and formulations of Nana Yao (Dr. Bobby E. Wright). The references for these ideas and formulations are his collection of essays published in the book, "The Psychopathic Racial Personality and Other Essays."

MATE MASIE The Ancestorhood of Nana Yao was first written and published by us in 13004 (2004). In 13006 (2006) we made the entire text available as a free download (download below).

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